Four Grades for Float Glass

2024-01-15 15:29:53

Four Grades for Float Glass

The grading of float glass is typically based on several visual characteristics that affect its appearance. Here are the four grades commonly used to distinguish float glass:

Grade A:

Appearance: Almost free from bubbles, impurities, scratches, and lines.


Bubbles: Virtually none visible to the naked eye.

Impurities: Extremely minimal or none.

Scratches: No visible scratches.

Lines: Practically free from any noticeable lines.

Grade B:

Appearance: Slight imperfections, but still suitable for most applications.


Bubbles: Small bubbles permissible, not affecting visibility.

Impurities: Minor impurities allowed.

Scratches: Shallow and minimal scratches may be present.

Lines: Some small lines may be visible but not prominent.

Grade C:

Appearance: Noticeable imperfections but acceptable for certain applications.


Bubbles: Visible bubbles allowed, but not excessive.

Impurities: More noticeable impurities may be present.

Scratches: Moderate scratches may be visible.

Lines: Some visible lines but not affecting functionality.

Grade D:

Appearance: Significant imperfections, suitable for less demanding applications.


Bubbles: Noticeable bubbles that may affect visibility.

Impurities: More prominent impurities permissible.

Scratches: Visible scratches, but not deeply affecting the glass.

Lines: Clearly visible lines may be present.

It's important to note that the specific criteria for each grade may vary based on industry standards or manufacturer specifications.
The choice of grade depends on the intended use of the glass and the level of aesthetic quality required for the application.
For applications where visual perfection is critical, Grade A glass would be preferred, while less demanding applications may accept lower grades.

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