How to choose the skill of distinguishing paint glass from paint glass

2020-02-25 15:20:37

Painted glass, also called baking glass, painted glass.


Spray and dye all kinds of colors of glass paint on the surface of glass evenly and dry them at high temperature to get the painted glass of the required color, which can be divided into: monochrome and decor painting. The design and color painting includes flash powder painting and pattern painting. Toughened glass can be used as glass substrate.


Main performance:


1. The performance of the paint, such as adhesion, shall meet the design requirements, water resistance;


2. The covering force of the paint shall be able to meet the requirements of no adhesive shadow on the front side (no such requirement for fixing with screws);


3. Neutral bonding materials (such as neutral sealant) shall be used for bonding installation;


4. It is mainly suitable for interior decoration, such as: Hotel, senior club, living room, kitchen, toilet and other wall decoration, with unique luster of glass, easy to clean, always new.


Paint glass is a kind of decorative glass with strong expressiveness, which can be represented by spraying, rolling, screen printing or spray painting. Paint glass in the industry is also called back paint glass, divided into flat paint glass and frosted paint glass. It is painted on the back of the glass and baked in an oven of 30-45 degrees for 8-12 hours. In many places where paint glass is made, natural air drying is generally used. However, the adhesion of the paint surface naturally dried is relatively small and it is easy to fall off in a humid environment. As we all know, paint has a certain harm to human body. In order to ensure the requirements of modern environmental protection and human health and safety, we should pay attention to the use of environmental friendly raw materials and coatings in the production of baking glass.