How to judge the quality of glass products?

2020-06-10 13:37:43

The general term for daily and industrial articles processed from glass as the main raw material. Glass product is a kind of transparent solid material, which forms a continuous network structure when melting. During the cooling process, the viscosity gradually increases and hardens without crystallization. How to judge the quality of glass products?


1. Look: in the formation process of natural crystal, there are always some impurities affected by the environment. When you look at the sun, you can see light, even and small transverse lines or catkins. However, most of the fake crystals are melted by residual crystal slag and glass slag, which are polished, colored and imitated, without even stripes and catkins.


2. Tongue licking: even on the hot summer's dog days, licking the natural crystal surface with your tongue can make you feel cold and cool. Fake crystal, no cool feeling.


3. Light: the natural crystal is placed vertically in the sunlight. No matter what angle it is viewed from, it can give out beautiful luster. False crystal can't.


4. Hardness: the natural crystal is very hard, and it will not leave a trace when it is gently scratched on the ornament with crushed stone; if there is a trace, it is a fake crystal.


Glass products have a certain impact on China's glass manufacturing, and a set of mature glass production technology has been developed.