How to replace the plastic steel window glass

2020-02-18 11:29:43

Plastic steel window is a kind of window type that has been actively promoted and used by the state since the mid-1990s. Because of its good performance and price, it has been favored by people all the time. However, the use of plastic steel windows for a long time or due to external factors and so on will cause the breakage of hollow glass, so it is necessary to replace plastic steel windows. Non professional friends are often not familiar with how to operate, so now experts will teach you how to replace plastic steel windows!

It's not difficult to replace the plastic steel window glass, and it's not easy to say. The key is to be familiar with its operation process. Here are three main points for you to summarize. The operation is as follows:

1、 Remove the broken glass first

Use a greasy knife or thin blade to remove the pressure strip (first remove the long pressure strip, insert the greasy knife between the pressure strip and the window frame to pry, and select the position in the middle part, so as to pry, pry out the gap, and then carefully dismantle both ends, taking care not to damage the pressure strip), remove the two long pressure strips, then remove the two short ones, finally remove the double-layer glass, clean up the debris, and try not to hurt them The contact surface of the sealing strip clamped in the middle can be inserted and cut flat with a greasy knife.

2、 Replace the glass

After measuring the size and thickness, go to buy a piece of glass with proper size and a bucket of glass glue. Clean the new glass and the inner surface of the original glass, otherwise it will not be wiped when it is installed. Clean the contact surface of the sealing strip, place the glass, make sure there are no sundries and dust in it, and seal it with glass glue (make sure to seal it to avoid air leakage). After installation, the bead can cover the glue without worrying about the appearance).

3、 Replace glass

When the glass glue is 80% dry, replace the double-layer glass. On the contrary, install a short bead first and then a long one. Then polish the glass and replace the plastic steel window glass!

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