How to swing the tempered glass fish tank?

2019-11-08 12:46:08

Everyone likes to raise fish at home, and having an ecological fish tank at home adds a lot of agility to the family. Is there any Feng Shui taboo in the fish tank? Is it possible to place it at will? In fact, this is not the case. Fish tanks also have a certain amount of geomancy. Now let's see how to put the glass fish bowl at home.


, to raise fish, we should not put the aquarium in a dark place, instead, we should put the aquarium in a well-lit place, which can catalyze the good fortune and bring good fortune to our family. If there is no sunny condition at home, it is suggested that the fish tank can be equipped with constant lighting, which is also conducive to improving the geomancy of the fish tank.


                                Toughened glass fish tank


, don't put the aquarium in the bedroom. The bedroom is a place for family to rest and relax. The aquarium is transparent and glittering. Like the Feng Shui function of the mirror, it is not conducive to family's rest and sleep when placed in the bedroom.


, don't put the aquarium behind the sofa. Many home furnishings design is unreasonable, there is no backing on the back of the sofa. Most people will think of using fish bowl to make the backing of the sofa. In fact, this not only has some potential safety hazards, but also brings inconvenience to life. Sitting on the sofa, they always worry about the safety of the fish bowl.


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