Is the high price of energy-saving glass the threshold for developing energy-saving glass?

2019-10-21 11:14:44

At present, the prevalence of LOW-E coated glass in China is only about 6%. The price of energy-saving glass is probably a factor of low utilization rate of energy-saving glass. The price of LOW-E glass is 3-4 times higher than that of normal glass.


In this regard, insiders reflect that the cost of installing LOW-E glass per square meter is only a dozen yuan higher than that of ordinary glass, and the price of millions of houses is very self-made.


Developed countries use their legislative skills to bully new buildings. Low-radiation coated hollow glass must be used to eliminate energy consumption. For example, in Germany, the prevalence of LOW-E coated hollow glass reaches 92%.


Insiders said that China advocated the installation of energy-saving glass in the planning scale of civil construction energy-saving, but there was no legislation to bully the use of energy-saving glass. In the future, the construction of energy-saving still needs the common happiness of the government, enterprises and the mourners.


With the growth of market economy, the improvement of people's living standard and the enhancement of surrounding environmental awareness, energy-saving glass will have a vast market space in the future.


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