Processing range of special toughened glass and how to deal with the problems of processing watermark and oxidation of energy-saving hollow glass products

2020-04-28 16:33:28

Our company can process special toughened glass: hyperbolic special toughened glass, multi bend special toughened glass, 18 meter flat bend super special toughened glass, etc.


How to deal with the problems of watermark and oxidation in the processing of energy-saving hollow glass products?


1. There is a large amount of oil at the cutter head, and there is much oil stain. The washing stage is not completely cleaned. It is recommended to use special cutting oil, reduce the cutting oil amount and control its width within the range of film removal.

2. The water in the water tank of the edger is lubricated with many microorganisms. It is recommended to add 84 disinfectant during maintenance. Carry out water circulation once to eliminate microorganism in water.

3. Adding a photoelectric induction flushing pipe at the end of the edge grinder can help to improve the cleaning efficiency of the film washer.

4. The film washing section shall be cleaned with pure water. And the pure water shall be replaced at least 8 hours. Ordinary tap water can be used in grinding section, and it is recommended to use pure water replaced by washing section.

5. After the completion of film development, in the collection and stacking part of glass, the glass shall be isolated from each other with cork pads. The purpose of this is to further air dry the internal water stains.

6. At the end of the washing segment, the glass collector shall wear a mask to prevent splashing of saliva.

7. The air box entrance of the dryer in the film washing section shall be covered with non-woven fabric or filter cotton, and shall be replaced regularly. The reasons are as follows: the dust in the workshop is large, and if it is not cleaned or replaced for a long time, the watermarks with dust will be formed on the glass surface.

8. The soft brush shall be used for the brush of the film washer to control the rotation speed. The brush shall be washed once a week with a high-pressure water gun. The developing speed of Low-E film is 2 / 3 of that of white glass.

9. Strengthen personnel safety awareness, and use some process operations and personnel labor protection appliances as required.

10.To strengthen the awareness of equipment maintenance, it is necessary to maintain and supervise and inspect the equipment regularly according to the maintenance plan.