Transportation of tempered glass factory and precautions for explosion proof of tempered glass

2019-11-15 13:11:50

Glass is a kind of fragile object. Even if toughened glass is called hard glass, it will be easily broken if it is not transported properly. Therefore, in the transportation engineering, we must pay attention to fixing and adding soft pad. Generally, it is recommended to use the method of vertical transportation.


There is no problem in transportation. The next key step is installation. The quality of installation affects the effect of use. If the other side of toughened glass installation is closed, the surface should be cleaned before installation. It is better to use special glass cleaner, and the installation can only be carried out after it is completely dry and confirmed that there is no stain. It is better to use clean construction gloves during installation and silicone sealant when fixing. If it is the installation of windows, it also needs to be used together with rubber sealing strips.


Performance: strong thermal stability


The reporter learned that the regulations on the management of building safety glass implemented on January 1, 2004 stipulated that safety glass must be used for bathroom fence and screen. Safety glass is a kind of glass that can not be broken by violent vibration or impact, even if it is broken, it is not easy to hurt people. Common types of safety glass include film glass, toughened glass, laminated glass, etc.


Toughened glass is also called quenched reinforced glass. The toughened glass has good thermal stability, can adapt to the frequent temperature difference between the bathrooms, and its debris is less harmful to people. However, due to the poor quality, improper installation, insufficient maintenance and other problems, toughened glass also has potential safety hazards.


Installation: cutting is easy to cause self explosion


The reporter visited and learned that at present, some shower rooms sold in the market use tempered glass, many of which are semi tempered or ordinary thickened glass. There are many stones and impurities in these glasses, and the quality is uneven.


In addition, improper installation may also cause glass self explosion. For example, when the glass is installed, it has a certain inclination or artificially changes the shape of the glass. During installation, the glass should not be cut, because the toughened glass cannot be processed in size and shape after toughening, which is very easy to cause the glass to self explode. When purchasing products, it is better to ask the manufacturer to provide professional personnel for door-to-door installation.


The middle part of toughened glass is the strongest, and the corners and edges are the weakest. Therefore, we should pay attention to protect the corner position of the glass, and regularly check whether the corner cracks. In addition, the owner can choose the explosion-proof film to stick in case.


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