U Glass&Channel Glass

2019-07-22 16:31:21

U Glass made also called channel glass,it is made by rolled glass technology,the ribbon2-.jpg of molten glass flow into U steel mould form channel shape Glass,U-Glass keep uniform quality,exact size,because of special structure make the glass high strength,easy install high level building or big square area where need keep light transmitting, don’t any lift mountings in vertical or level direction,save more building materials,U-Glass keep high light transmitting,soundproof and thermal insulation,it’s a new type Eco-glass,welcome application for outwall,partitions,and decoration wall.

Thickness:6mm and 7mm



Pattern:big line,slim line,nashiji,clear.

Color:green,clear,low iron,opal

Process:etched,sand blast ,suggest tempered before leaving the factory

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