What are the characteristics of digital printing glass printer

2020-04-22 15:38:11

As the hottest glass product at present, digital printing glass has attracted much attention due to its colorful, convenient customization, color fastness, UV protection and scratch resistance. However, customers know little about the machines for producing digital printing glass. Today, Xiaobian will popularize the knowledge of digital printing glass printers.


What is the point of digital printing glass printer?


1. A start printing, no plate making, no film production, low cost, taking into account small batch of product printing.


2. No material, any material printing, good compatibility.


3. One time printing multi-color, no need to color, perfect color transition, amazing printing effect.


4. Three dimensional product printing, the printing machine can print any product with thickness of 0-30cm.


5. Exquisite, multi-color, special product printing.


6. Put the printed material directly on the platform, and it can be printed directly, just as the printer can print on paper easily, simply and quickly.


7. The energy-saving flat-panel printer only needs 220V voltage.


8. It can print 30cm thick materials, and the printing thickness can be adjusted freely (it can be increased according to requirements).


9. The flat plate machine platform can withstand 100 kg material spray printing at a time.


10. All the objects within the printing area are successfully printed at one time.


11.Uneven material (uneven depth within 5 mm) can be directly spray printed.


12. It can perfectly reflect the effect of hand painting.


Some points should be paid attention to when choosing glass printer:


1. Printing effect: each family will not make bad results, but you can see the effect by printing small words, for example, you can test 2pt small font on site.


2. Scale of manufacturers: some manufacturers say that they integrate production, sales and research and development. How to distinguish the authenticity? It's easy to go to every department and see that there are people working. It's not a fake name hanging there. There are only over 120 people in some small factories, which shows that the Department is not sound enough.


3. Manufacturer's reputation: on the one hand, it can be searched online, on the other hand, it can be accessed through friends' channels.


In a word, before buying the machine, we need to send more inspections and inquiries. The quality and strength of the manufacturer are very important. In case of a problem with the machine, can we help you solve it in time so as not to affect the production.

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