What are the colors of intelligent dimming glass?

2019-06-25 09:47:21

As for the color of smart dimming glass, many people may want to know that smart dimming glass is not only white, but also many other fresh colors.

Everyone has his own favorite color. Sometimes color can affect people's mood, and even affect people's psychological changes. In short, different colors give people different feelings.

White Intelligent Dimming Glass

That is, our common transparent glass, representing purity, refreshment and cleanliness, can eliminate the negative impact of the surrounding environment, reduce physical and mental harm, and maintain a happy mood. In life, the common glass doors and windows in hospitals are white and transparent.

Purple Intelligent Dimming Glass

Bring good luck, representing freshness, tranquility and comfort; can relieve pressure, calm mood. Generally used for decoration more, its decorative role, on behalf of nobility, elegance and progress, can also improve the interest of life.

Black Intelligent Dimming Glass

Like other coloured glass, it is used to decorate home buildings, giving a dignified person.

But because it is too different from the brightness of its surroundings, it reflects its characteristics, rejection and compulsion. In terms of cultural significance, black is the background color of the universe, represents peace and is the destination of everything.

Blue Intelligent Dimming Glass

Give people a sense of freedom, tranquility and freshness. Very pure, usually reminiscent of the ocean, the sky, the water, the universe. Pure blue shows a kind of beauty, calmness, reason, serenity and vastness.

Green Intelligent Dimming Glass

Represents life, vitality, youth hope. Green is the color of life. Green is indispensable to all beautiful colors. It gives people an idyllic and indisputable style and taste.

Yellow Intelligent Dimming Glass

It represents dignity, elegance, youth and loveliness, and represents the sunrise of every day. Give people a sense of calm, let people clear the eyes bright, have a warm feeling. It also gives people a yearning for a better life. It is brilliant, brilliant, with the sun-like brilliance, symbolizing the light of wisdom illuminating the darkness, it is a proud color.

Grey Intelligent Dimming Glass

It's elegant, elegant gray. If black and white represent the world, because they represent both ends of color, then gray is their combination!

Red Intelligent Dimming Glass

It represents auspiciousness, joy, warmth, boldness, passion, fighting spirit, initiative and openness.

Intelligent dimming glass has a variety of colors, users can choose according to their hobbies, personalized customization.

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