What are the hazards of toughened glass failing to meet the standard?

2020-05-27 14:24:31

What are the hazards of substandard toughened glass? There are many hazards for the non-conforming toughened glass. Sometimes you will find that after the toughened glass is broken, the glass slag scattered in the ground is not much different from the ordinary glass, showing massive and sharp corners. What is the reason?


According to the investigation, toughened glass is cooled instantaneously when the glass is heated to near softening state through the principle of material toughening, so that toughened stress layer is generated inside the glass, increasing the pressure resistance and impact resistance ability of the glass surface, the strength is about 3-5 times that of ordinary glass, and it will break into corn like particles after being broken. The toughening process seems simple, but in fact, it is strict. Once a link is not done in place, it will affect the toughening degree of glass, resulting in incomplete or even semi toughening. At present, there are a few enterprises in the market that use incomplete toughened glass or semi toughened glass to fake toughened glass, in order to reduce the cost, which greatly increases the probability of self explosion and brings serious security risks.