What color is coated glass usually?

2019-08-05 15:23:35

Glass is not only transparent and clean, but also has high strength and hardness. It is an indispensable material in daily production and life. There are many kinds of glass, besides the common float glass and toughened glass, there are also hot melt glass, glue glass, frosted glass and other kinds with special properties. If you want to know what color the coated glass has and what color the glass curtain wall has, you will know after reading this article.

I. What color is coated glass usually?

Colors include: emerald green, French green, sapphire, Ford blue, blue-grey, dark grey, brown, etc.


1. Good thermal insulation performance can effectively control solar radiation, block far infrared radiation, save air conditioning costs in summer and heating costs in winter.

2. It has high visible light transmittance and low reflectivity, low emissivity and avoiding light pollution.

3. Effective blocking of ultraviolet transmission to prevent fading of furniture and fabrics.

4. The spectrum has a wide range of choices and rich colors.

2. What color is the glass curtain wall usually?

The common colors of glass curtain wall are yellow, blue, green and red.

Glass curtain wall is a kind of building envelope structure or decorative structure, which can be positioned and moved by supporting structure system relative to the main structure and does not share the role of the main structure. There are two kinds of walls: single-layer and double-layer glass.

Glass curtain wall is a beautiful and novel method of wall decoration, which is a prominent feature of modern high-rise buildings. In 2013, according to FLAP (Fatal Light Awareness Program), a bird protection volunteer organization, in Toronto alone, one million to nine million migratory birds die each year from these glass curtain walls.

Glass curtain wall is a new type of wall in the contemporary era. It gives the main characteristics of architecture to be the organic unity of architectural aesthetics, building function, building energy saving and building structure. Buildings show different tones from different angles, and give people dynamic beauty with the changes of sunshine, moonlight and lighting.

Major cities on all continents in the world have built magnificent glass curtain walls, such as New York World Trade Center, Chicago Petroleum Building and Sears Building. The Bank of China Building in Hong Kong, Great Wall Hotel in Beijing and Shanghai Friendship Building have also adopted glass curtain walls.

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