What is silver mirror and aluminum mirror? How to distinguish them

2020-04-09 10:37:54

Aluminum mirror is also known as aluminum mirror, aluminum mirror, glass mirror, mirror glass, mirror plate glass. High reflective aluminum mirror system adopts high quality float glass plate As the original piece, it is cleaned and polished successively, aluminized by high vacuum metal deposition, quick oxygen reaction, the first time of anti-corrosion coating and drying, the second time It is made of waterproof, hard spray paint, drying and other processing procedures.

High grade float aluminum mirror can be made into colored mirrors of various colors to increase different decoration effects, such as gray Mirror, brown mirror, green mirror, blue mirror, etc. Thickness from 1.1mm to 8mm, maximum size of aluminum mirror plate 2440x1830mm。
Silver mirror is commonly known as waterproof mirror, mercury mirror, glass surface silver mirror, glass mirror, mirror glass, etc. Silver mirror is widely used in furniture, arts and crafts, decoration, bathroom mirror, cosmetic mirror, optical mirror, and car rearview mirror, etc. When storing mirrors, do not Stack with alkaline and acid substances, avoid storage in humid environment  Silver mirror also refers to the phenomenon that the reduced sugar reacts with Torrance reagent to generate silver on the tube wall during the reducing sugar test

1. The reflection clarity of silver mirror and aluminum mirror is different  Compared with the paint on the surface of the aluminum mirror, the paint on the surface of the silver mirror should be more profound. On the contrary, the paint on the surface of the aluminum mirror is lighter. Silver mirror is much clearer than aluminum mirror, and the reflection angle of object light source is more standard. The reflectivity of aluminum mirror is low, the reflection performance of ordinary aluminum mirror is about 70%, the shape and color are easy to be distorted, and the service life is short, and the corrosion resistance is poor, which has been completely eliminated in European and American countries. However, aluminum mirror is easy to produce in large scale, and the cost of raw materials is relatively low.

2 different back coating of silver mirror and aluminum mirror Generally, silver mirror is protected by more than two layers of paint. Scratch off part of the protective paint on the surface of the mirror. If the bottom layer shows copper color, it is silver mirror, and if it shows silver white, it is aluminum mirror. Generally, the back coating of silver mirror is dark gray, and that of aluminum mirror is light gray.

3. The front color and brightness of silver mirror and aluminum mirror are different

Silver mirror is dark and bright, with deep color, while aluminum mirror is white and bright, with floating color. Therefore, the silver mirror can be distinguished only by its color: the color on the back is gray, the color on the front is dark and bright. Put the two together, shiny and white is the aluminum mirror.

4. Active difference between silver mirror and aluminum mirror Silver is an inactive metal, and aluminum is an active metal. After a long time, aluminum will oxidize and lose its natural color. Silver will not. More simply, it can be tested with dilute hydrochloric acid. The reaction of aluminum is very strong, while that of silver is very slow. The silver mirror is more waterproof and moisture-proof than the aluminum mirror, and the light is clearer and brighter. Generally, it is more durable than the aluminum mirror when it is used in the wet place of the bathroom.

There are three major differences between silver mirror and aluminum mirror: the appearance of silver mirror and aluminum mirror are very similar, but the material cost of silver mirror production is significantly higher than that of aluminum mirror, not only that, in terms of labor cost, the production process of silver mirror is also more complex, and the price and texture will certainly be different. Specifically, the silver mirror is made of silver plating, while the aluminum mirror is made of metal aluminum. The price of the silver mirror is much higher than that of the aluminum mirror. The aluminum mirror is low-cost and full of durability. That is to say, do not put the bathroom in a dry place. When the silver mirror for the wear mirror is generally sold for about 60-70 yuan / m2, the aluminum mirror is sold for about 40-60 yuan / m2. In terms of brightness, the refraction performance of the silver mirror is better than that of the aluminum mirror Under the same light intensity, the silver mirror will appear brighter.

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