What is the production process of float glass?

2019-06-25 15:01:15

      Glass is not necessarily very flat. The very flat glass you see is generally float glass. Float glass is a process. The following are the origin, characteristics and manufacturing process of float glass:

       Float glass was introduced into Royal Float Glass Production Line by Luoyang Glass Factory in late 1970s. It is in the tin trough and the glass floats on the surface of the tin liquid. Therefore, this kind of glass has good flatness and no water ripple. Used for mirror making and automobile glass. No face, no shape, this is one of its great advantages. Secondly, quartz sand is selected for float glass, and the raw material is good. The glass produced is pure and transparent. Bright and colorless. No glass furuncles, bubbles, etc. Third, the structure is compact, heavy, smooth feel, the same thickness per square metre is larger than the flat plate, good cutting, not easy to break. More than 30 production lines throughout the country are strictly in accordance with national standards. This kind of glass is the best glass for civil buildings. Its price, compared with the same thickness, is only about 4 yuan higher than that of flat glass per square metre.

      The forming process of float glass production is completed in a tin trough fed with protective gases (N2 and H2). The molten glass continuously flows into and floats on the relatively dense tin liquid surface from the tank kiln. Under the action of gravity and surface tension, the glass liquid spreads and flattens on the tin liquid surface, forming a smooth upper and lower surface, hardening and cooling, and is led to the transition roll table. Roller of roller table rotates, pulls glass belt out of tin trough and enters annealing kiln. After annealing and cutting, flat glass products are obtained.

      Compared with other forming methods, the advantages of float method are: it is suitable for manufacturing high-quality flat glass with high efficiency, such as no ribs, uniform thickness, flat upper and lower surfaces, parallel to each other; the scale of production line is not limited by forming methods, and the energy consumption per unit product is low; the utilization rate of finished products is high; it is easy to scientifically manage and realize the mechanization and automation of the whole line, and high labor productivity is continuous; The operation period can be as long as several years, which is conducive to stable production. It can provide suitable conditions for on-line production of some new varieties, such as electro-floatation reflective glass, annealing spraying film glass, cold end surface treatment, etc.

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