What's the use of building glass insulation film?

2019-12-18 15:01:48

I. sun protection and heat insulation


Glass heat insulation and explosion-proof membrane can block the heat of the sun and effectively filter the glare. After the installation of explosion-proof membrane, the indoor temperature can be significantly reduced by 3 ~ 5 .


Comparison of toughened glass before and after heat insulation


II. Efficiency and energy saving


Whether it's in high office buildings, restaurants, airports, schools, or home furnishings, windows and glass doors are the main heat sources in summer and the most important heat loss in winter. Heat insulation and explosion-proof membrane can maximize energy efficiency by reducing energy demand and ultimately reducing power cost. With the indoor test of 13 square meters, the power consumption of the room after film application is about 30% less than that before film application.


III. improve indoor environment and space comfort


The uncomfortable heat is reduced or gone,


The disturbing glare abated.


IV. beautify the building appearance

People always try their best to make the building or living room as new as ever. Glass film is the most simple and ideal solution to give a new appearance and vitality to the finalized building. Different styles will echo and complement with interior and exterior design to beautify the appearance of buildings.


V. isolate ultraviolet rays to better avoid fading and aging of indoor articles

The main reason of fading is caused by solar energy heat, visible light and ultraviolet. There is no other way to avoid this problem except closing windows.


Vi. improve safety and avoid personal injury caused by broken glass

Accidents and injuries can happen at any time. Strong wind, rainstorm, earthquake, children's play, accidents and even the heating and self explosion of poor quality glass may lead to the shattering and splashing of work and cause injury to people and property.