Which power transformers should be equipped for dimming glass

2019-09-23 14:13:42

Dimming glass is a new type of special photoelectric glass, also known as electro-optic glass, electrified dimming glass, electrified transparent glass, electronically controlled atomized glass, intelligent electronically controlled glass, etc. As the name implies, it is a kind of transparent and opaque glass controlled by electricity. So what kind of electricity does dimming glass use?


After more than ten years of development in China, the application of dimmer glass has been very mature. In the process of development, it has been upgraded and replaced continuously. In addition, different manufacturers have different directions for the development of liquid crystal dimmer film. As a result, different types of dimmer glass appear in the market in different periods. Although dimming glass has the same appearance, its internal structure is different. As far as the working voltage is concerned, 70V, 65V and 60V are common, and 48V, 36V and 24V are rare. This also shows that different dimming glass needs to be equipped with corresponding power transformer.

You may wonder why the voltage of dimming glass is about 65V. This is mainly related to the physical properties of polymer liquid crystals in dimming films. After testing by experts, it is found that the liquid crystal molecule is relatively stable under the driving of about 65V voltage, which can achieve a * excellent light transmission effect without burning out.


Do you have dimmer glass with 220V AC or 12V DC? The answer is No. China's civil electricity is 220V AC power. This voltage is called high voltage (220V-240V) internationally. It is not safe to use such a large voltage. The 12V DC in the vehicle also needs the AC needed to convert the inverter into dimming glass to be used.


There is also a kind of low voltage (100V-130V) civil power used by the United States, Canada, Thailand and other countries, which is relatively safe. And there are still some dimming glasses using 100V voltage. For example, some Japanese companies have developed dimming glasses without transformer conversion for the Japanese market.


Civil voltage may vary from country to country, so different transformers are needed for export dimming glass. For example, Hong Kong and the region are 220V, which is no different from the mainland, while Taiwan is 110V. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that several different voltages are used in the same country (e.g. Russia), so it should be made clear before purchasing.


With lower voltage, it is safer for people, and it can also do better in saving energy and electricity. At present, Taihongtong company uses 60V AC power for its conventional dimming glass and 24V low voltage products to meet the diverse needs of customers.


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