Wired glass introduction

2021-03-29 11:14:51

Wired glass is also called shatterproof glass and steel wire glass. In the calendering production process, a special glass formed by pressing a wire mesh into a semi-liquid glass ribbon. The advantage is that the strength of wired glass is higher than that of ordinary glass. When the glass is impacted or high temperature, the glass will break and not spread out, preventing the broken pieces of corners and corners from flying out and hurting people, such as fire spreading when the glass is heated and burst, it can still maintain a fixed state and play a role in isolating the fire. So it is also called fireproof glass. The disadvantage is that in the production process, the steel wire is easily oxidized by high temperature radiation, and there may be bubbles and some yellow "rust spots" on the glass surface. Wired glass is usually used for doors and windows, ceiling roofs and skylights that are susceptible to vibration.


Wired glass is a kind of safety glass produced through a calendering process. The rolled metal wire mesh is unrolled from the wire feeding device and sent to the molten glass liquid, and passes through the upper and lower calender rolls together with the glass liquid to form a wire glass. The shape of the wire mesh in wired glass is usually square or hexagon, and the surface of the glass can be patterned, patterned, or smooth. The thickness of laminated glass is usually 6-16mm (not including the thickness of the middle steel wire), and safety glass can be used on the roof of a building.


Wired glass use:


1. According to the provisions of the Construction Law, the wired glass is used to prevent the flame from spreading and burning.


2. Used for roofs, skylights, balconies and other parts. Once the glass is broken, there is no danger of the shards falling.


3. Used in fire-proof areas and smoke-proof walls.


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