Restoration glass

2019-07-13 14:40:18

Restoration glass is an old window glass,begin produce glass since 19 century,because of technique and equipment finitude,result in insulation Glass.jpgglass surface appearance wave and bubbles obvious,large quantity glass produce marjor use for window in building in that time,with glass technique update and furnace equipment thermal insulation material development,previous sheet glass was replace by modern float glass,while modern float glass isn't suit for europe architecture style one hundreds years ago,HHG company still keep previous technology can make out old window glass matched with europe building.

HHG company plan to produce recover glass in 15th 7,2019,even thickness,color clear,no scratch, good wave surface,occasionally bubbles.good quality suit for 19 century building style,it's can be tempered,lamianted and  insulating glass process.

Manufacture details follow:

Thickness:2mm 2.5mm and 3mm


Huihua Glass co.,limited