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Decorative Wall Mirror Glass Antique Mirror Glass

Antique mirror glass is when a tint or coating is added to the glass to make it appear deteriorated with age or to give it a vintage hue. The coating can be a variety of tones from golden sepia to grayscale, or maybe even a rose for some extra special flare. Antique treatments on glass typically look, good with ornate frames and are great to add to a classical design.

Another treatment that can be done to mirror glass is a process where the back of the glass is gilded with gold or metal leaf and then etched into any design. The possibilities with this style of mirrors are extensive. The etching can be an eccentric random spotting providing a quirky vibe or an elaborate precise piece of art asserting elegance.

 Foxed mirrors are another aged style but refer to the spots that naturally occur in the deterioration process of the glass but can also be superficially added to achieve the appearance of age. While this type of mirror brims with character, it isn’t very practical for seeing a clear reflection so it is best left for design purposes and probably not the best choice for a bathroom or vanity. But if you have a broken mirror, a foxed treatment is a great way to make it look aged as an intentional design choice instead of just throwing it away.

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