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Pyrolitic Energy Saving Low-e Coating Glass In Crystal Blue Tint

Place of Origin: China
Material: Coating glass
Application: window door,curtain wall,
Colors: clear,crystal blue,grey,green,yellow
FOB Price: usd7~12/sqm
Port: Tianjin OrQingDao
Min. Order: 1000sqm
Delivery: 15days
Supply Ability: 10000sqm /days
Payment: TT
Shipping: by sea

On-line crystal blue tint low-e glass glass is make by world -leading technology from PPG American,which functions combine with shadow and low radiation,make a special light blue coating on the glass surface,that offer low radiation and energy saving while control sun radiation heat into the room and low shadow performance,which are good thermal insulating and energy-saving properties required of modern architectural glass and green building design.

Performance advantage
1 Light blue tint,soft bright sight show 
 2 Light transmittance:83%,radation<0.237
 3 Durable hardness pyrolytic coating,make into insulating glass,provide the best energy saving
 4 effect of anti glare and high transmittance,reduce light pollution 
 5 HHG low-e glass can apply for single glazing,don’t worry coated oxidize.can stock it long time.
 6 thermal processability steady,can cut.tempered,laminated and so on

Color:crystal grey,crystal blue,crystal-yellow and light green,
 Thickness:5mm 6mm,
 Standard size:3300*2400,3300*2134,2134x3660mm.2440x3660mm.

Toughened Parameter of radiant furnace 

Thickness /mmAbove Temperature ℃Below Temperature ℃Heat time
5mm Sun crystal blue700710130~140
6mm Sun crystal Blue700710140~160