Advantages of Intelligent Dimming Glass in Shop Window

2019-08-30 15:58:47

In the gorgeous commercial street, we can find all kinds of LED screens with advertisements 24 hours. These advertisements are very popular with advertisers and the effect is quite good. The dimming glass advertising window introduced today can not only show the beautiful effect of LED screen, but also have more advantages that LED does not have.


Dimmer glass window glass can not only be like the projection screen on the side of the LED screen, it can also become transparent, atomized, can be said to achieve the effect of killing three birds with one stone.


During the day, adjust the dimming glass window to a transparent state, when the goods in the window are clear at a glance, people in the past can clearly see the products and conditions in the shop, and can choose whether to buy in the shop according to their own needs.


In the evening, adjust the dimming glass window to atomization state, so as to completely isolate the interior and exterior space. At the same time, some interesting videos or product introductions can be put on the dimming glass screen through the shop projector to attract people's attention.


Dimming glass window projection has three advantages:


1. Glass is also a propaganda medium.


The transparency, atomization and projection of dimming glass are magical in itself, which can attract people to come and explore. Combining with the goods in the window, they complement each other more.


2. The cost is not high and the effect is good.


Compared with the LED LCD screen, the projection cost of dimming glass and the electricity cost for the system operation are much lower. In addition, their own stores, insert their own content, adjust flexibly, the effect is controllable.


3. Remote Intelligent Control


The change of transparency or atomization of dimming glass and the switching of advertising video can be controlled remotely by computer, which is simple and fast without the need to operate on site.


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