Analysis of the production process of FRP grille

2019-08-16 14:43:34

There are three main types of FRP grille production process: reciprocating filament winding process, continuous filament winding process and centrifugal casting process.


Reciprocating filament winding process (belongs to fixed length method): In this process, the dipping trough moves reciprocating with the rotating mandrel, and the long fiberglass filament is placed with a certain angle relative to the mandrel axis. The auxiliary angle (i.e. the winding angle) is controlled by the ratio of the moving speed of the dipping trough to the rotating speed of the mandrel. The translation motion of the dipping trough is calculated. Mechanized mechanical-electrical control. The number of winding layers increases gradually until the designed wall thickness is reached. After winding, the resin in the product is basically cured. After curing, the core die is removed from the FRP pipe.


Continuous filament winding process (belongs to continuous method): This process is a pipe in motion through a feeding station for resin preprepreg roving, short cut fiberglass reinforced plastic fiber and resin sand mixture, the pipe is made in the continuous progress of the core die.


Centrifugal casting process (belongs to fixed length method): In this process, cut glass fiber reinforced materials and sand are fed into the steel mould fixed on the bearing, and unsaturated resin with catalyst is injected into one end of the steel mould to impregnate the reinforcing material. Under the action of centrifugal force, the resin replaces the hollow in the fiber and filler. Gas is used to produce porous dense composite materials. Because of centrifugal force, a smooth and smooth resin-rich inner surface layer is formed on the inner wall of the tube, and the tube is cured at a higher temperature. The pipe manufactured by this method is also called FRP sandwich pipe.


At present, there are more manufacturers of reciprocating filament winding process than other two production processes in the world. One of the reasons is that reciprocating filament winding process has a wider use and better applicability.


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