Classification of Coloured Glass

2019-09-02 15:05:49

I believe you should have seen color glass, so do you know the classification of this kind of glass?


Amethyst is the best variety in the crystal family. From light purple to dark purple, the color is "grape-like, bright and lovely", which is regarded as the birthstone of February, symbolizing honesty, sincerity and kindness.


2. Rose crystal, refers to red to pink crystal, because it has six radial stars, people also call it "Star Rose Crystal".


3, topaz, refers to the light yellow to deep yellow varieties, the stone is also known as "crystal Topaz".


4. Smoke crystal, refers to smoky yellow to brown and almost black crystals. Among them, smoky yellow to brown, also known as "tea crystal", black, known as "black crystal", our country is accustomed to call it "ink crystal".


5. Hydraulic crystals. Varieties of liquid-gas inclusions visible to the naked eye in crystals.


6. Tourmaline crystallization refers to acicular tourmaline inclusions in transparent crystals ranging from black to black-green.


7. Rutile crystallizes, with pink-brown to gold-yellow acicular rutile inclusions in transparent crystals.


8. Rainbow crystal, with iridescent crystal.


9. Golden hair crystals are rare inclusions of natural gold in transparent crystals.


10. Actinite crystallization refers to the inclusion of green acicular pillar actinolite in transparent crystals, which is a rare and rare gemstone treasure.


The classification of color glass has been introduced to you. If you still have some questions you don't understand, please call for more information.


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