Do you know the difference between lead-containing glass and lead-free glass?

2019-08-26 09:39:54

Crystal glass can be divided into two categories: one is lead-containing, and the other is lead-free. Let's look at the difference between the two.


Lead can enhance the refraction of transparent objects, so it is often used in the production of glass, pearlescent buttons and so on. Such devices can be used for ornamental display, but if used to hold food, especially acidic or alkaline food, lead will slowly dissolve, through food into the human body, causing great harm to human body.


Buying cutlery can be distinguished by sound, feel, appearance, etc. Ordinary glass products have dim color, poor refractive index, rough workmanship, poor hand feel, and even some places have bubbles, lightly tapping sound dull. Compared with ordinary glass products, the products have bright color, strong refractive index, exquisite workmanship and good hand feel. They look like crystals and have a crisp metal sound when tapped lightly. Compared with lead-free products, lead-containing products are slightly thicker.


Because the color, texture and gloss of ordinary glass are not ideal. The refractive index of glass can be greatly improved by adding lead into the glass. It looks like crystal. Some ornaments, crystal glasses, crystal lamps and so on are made of lead-containing glass. For products, the state has no relevant standards. At present, our country has not formulated national standards, because there is no national standards, many enterprises are making their own enterprise standards for production, but most enterprises are referring to the EU standards for production.


EU standards are divided into three categories: lead-free, medium and high lead. The content of lead oxide in medium lead glass is 24% and that in high lead glass is 36%. If containers are manufactured in accordance with EU standards, no matter what kind of products, no matter how much lead they contain, there are strict international regulations, which should be safe for human body. However, due to the lack of standards in our country, it is impossible to exclude the situation that individual manufacturers produce arbitrarily and the quality of products is difficult to guarantee.


When choosing crystal glass, we must pay attention to it. If we have long-term contact with human body, we should choose lead-free products. If we have conditions at home, we can choose lead-free products.


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