Do you know the production process of ornamental glass?

2019-08-20 08:42:08

Do you know how jewelry glass is made? Next, we will talk about the production process, I hope you can understand.


1. Ingredients: According to the designed material list, all kinds of raw materials are weighed and evenly mixed in a mixer. The main materials of glass are quartz sand, limestone, feldspar, soda ash, boric acid, etc.


2. Melting: The prepared raw materials are heated at high temperature to form uniform glass liquid without bubbles. This is a very complex physical and chemical reaction process. Glass is melted in a furnace. There are two main types of melting kilns: one is crucible kiln, in which glass is stored and heated outside the crucible.


3. Forming: It is to transform melted glass into solid products with fixed shape. Forming must be carried out within a certain temperature range. This is a cooling process. Glass is first transformed from viscous liquid to plastic state and then into brittle solid state. Forming methods can be divided into two categories: artificial forming and mechanical forming.——


A. Artificial Forming


(1) Blowing, with a nickel-chromium alloy blowing pipe, pick a group of glass in the mold while blowing. Mainly used for forming glass bubbles, bottles, balls and so on.


(2) Drawing. After blowing into bubbles, another worker sticks to the top plate. While blowing, the two are mainly used to make glass tubes or rods.


(3) Press, pick up a mass of glass, cut it with scissors and drop it into the die, then press it with the punch. Mainly used for forming cups, plates, etc.


(4) Free forming. After picking up the material, the handicraft products are directly manufactured with tools such as pliers, scissors and tweezers.


B. Mechanical forming. Because of the high labor intensity, high temperature and poor condition of artificial forming, most of them have been replaced by mechanical forming except free forming. In addition to pressing, blowing and drawing, mechanical forming includes calendering, casting, centrifugal casting and sintering.


4. Annealing: Glass undergoes intense temperature and shape changes during forming, which leave thermal stress in the glass. This thermal stress will reduce the strength and thermal stability of glass products. If it is cooled directly, it is likely that it will break itself during the cooling process or during subsequent storage, transportation and use.


The production process of jewelry glass is described above: ingredients, dissolution, molding (manual, mechanical), annealing. Jewelry glass needs to be well protected in the process of use.


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