How do the patterns on the glass come from?

2021-01-28 10:41:34

Glass exists in every corner of our lives. Common things, such as glass in buildings, decorative glass in families, even the cups we drink water from are mostly made of glass. The utensils teachers use to do experiments in class are also made of glass. But I don't know if you have noticed that there are many patterns on many glasses, and there will be many scales on the glass instruments used by teachers to do experiments. So how do these patterns and scales "carve" out? Now Nanyang glass tells you in secret:

Some people may say that it's not difficult. Just find something harder than glass, and you can carve patterns on it. The hardness of metal is higher than that of glass. We can find an iron knife to see if we can use it to carve patterns on glass. As long as people have tried this way, they will know that there is no pattern on the glass.

So, how did people carve these patterns? This has to say a crucial chemical, HF is a chemical that can strongly corrode glass. People use this characteristic of HF to apply a layer of paraffin on the glass, and then cut the wax layer with a knife to carve patterns. After a while, wash off the residual HF, scrape off the wax layer, and beautiful patterns will appear on the glass. Therefore, the engraving on glasses and the scale on glass instruments we usually see are all made of HF.

In fact, what to do is not as simple as saying in a few words, which seemingly simple work, really do it, you will find it is not easy.

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