How to clean the glass in shower room and bathroom?

2019-10-29 09:13:14

The glass door of the shower room is very clean from a distance, but dirty from a close look. What's more troubling is that no matter how you scrub it, it's not clean. Even if you use detergent, it's still a big face after it's dried. And every time you clean it, you need to wipe it from beginning to end. It's really a pain in the neck. Below is a simple and easy way for you to clean the glass in shower room and bathroom. You can easily remove the stains on the glass with the tools available at your disposal!


Bathroom glass cleaning method 1. Pour a little shampoo into the basin, stir it evenly, dip it in with a rag, so that the glass door can be particularly clean and bright.


Bathroom glass cleaning method 2. Paint chalk lime water or gypsum powder on the glass door beforehand. After the glass is dried, wipe it directly with a dry cloth to remove stains and wipe the glass clean.


Bathroom glass cleaning method 3. For the old dirt accumulated in the corner of the glass door, when cleaning, mix it with half cool and half water, put it in the spray pot, spray it on the glass, and then wipe it gently with the old newspaper.

Bathroom glass cleaning methods 4. Occasionally there will be black spots on the glass door, at this time you can use a cloth dipped in toothpaste wipe.


Bathroom glass cleaning method 5. Use of fresh-keeping film and wet cloth sprayed with detergent can also make the glass doors often stained with oil "rebirth". Firstly, the glass door is sprayed with cleaner and then pasted with fresh-keeping film to soften the solidified oil stains. Ten minutes later, tear off the film and wipe it with a wet cloth. If there are handwriting on the glass door, it can be rubbed by soaking rubber, and then wiped with a wet cloth. If there is paint on the glass door, it can be scrubbed with cotton dipped in hot vinegar. Wipe the glass with a clean dry cloth dipped in alcohol to make it as bright as crystal.


Bathroom glass cleaning method 6. Bathroom mirror stained with oil, can be used to wash cloth, tea, but do not let tea seep into the mirror edge or back, lest damage the mirror back coating. It can also be wiped with soft cloth or gauze, dipped in kerosene or wax, and must not be wiped directly with wet cloth, otherwise the mirror will be more blurred. Dirty mirrors can also be dipped in pure alcohol or water vinegar with cloth, or scrubbed with radish slices, and then dried with a dry cloth. The mirror and frame can be wiped with a milk-dipped rag to restore clarity and brightness.