Purchase skills of embossed glass

2021-02-05 10:32:26

The surface of embossed glass has patterns, which can transmit light, but can block the sight. It has the characteristics of transparent and opaque, and has excellent decorative effect.

The perspective of embossed glass varies with distance and pattern. Its perspective can be divided into: nearly transparent visible, slightly transparent visible, almost invisible and completely invisible. Its types are: embossed glass, embossed vacuum aluminized glass, three-dimensional embossed glass, color film embossed glass, etc. The thickness is 3-5 mm. Its specifications are more, divided into diamond embossing, square embossing. During installation, the pattern faces to the inside to prevent dirt.

When choosing embossed glass, in addition to checking the flatness, it also depends on whether the embossed pattern is clear and whether the light transmittance meets the requirements.

The perspective of embossed glass varies with distance and pattern. According to perspective, it can be divided into the following categories:

Almost transparent and visible: like transparent glass plate, it is not very good to see through completely, so it is suitable for places that do not need to be covered.

A little transparent visible: see more or less unimpeded, apply to how many want to block the place

Almost invisible: used where you want to cover as much as possible.

Completely covered invisible: suitable for places where it is necessary to completely cover.

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