The Great Use of Colored Glass in Home Decoration

2019-08-23 15:27:48

There are many people in the family decoration will put color glass in the family decoration, this kind of glass in the decoration has a great use, let's take a look below.

This kind of glass belongs to special glass, also known as endothermic glass, which can usually block about 50% of the sunlight radiation. For example, 6 mm thick blue glass can only penetrate 50% of the solar radiation, while brown and bronze endothermic glass can only penetrate 25% of the solar radiation. Therefore, endothermic glass is suitable for building doors, windows and exterior walls in hot areas requiring both lighting and heat insulation. The sunshine which can sterilize, disinfect and deodorize the buildings in urban residential areas is half blocked by these colored heat-absorbing glasses, which is really not worth the money.


In addition, some households have installed screens, whose transmittance is 70%, combined with colorless transparent ordinary glass, the total transmittance is about 61%, which is just suitable, but if matched with colored heat absorbing glass, its transmittance is only 35%, which definitely affects the indoor lighting requirements.


In addition, the balcony is also sealed with colored heat-absorbing glass, which is also a common wrong method. The balcony is the only place where the living room is in direct contact with nature. It should not be closed, let alone decorated with colored glass. If you live in blue-grey, brown and other low-light environment for a long time, the quality of indoor vision will inevitably decline, which will easily cause physical and mental fatigue, and will have a negative impact on health.


Indoor decoration should adopt ordinary glass with high transmittance and convenient sunshade equipment outside the window. In this way, it can not only play a good role in windshield, rain shelter, heat insulation, sound absorption, but also fully enjoy the sunshine bath.


Coloured glass can well block the sunshine radiation, but also has great use in home decoration. This product can be used in many places. Welcome to our company for purchase.


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