Why does colored glass have color?

2019-08-05 15:20:36

Glass has good perspective, light transmission performance, high chemical stability, and can be processed according to different methods to obtain strong mechanical strength and thermal insulation effect, and even can make the glass self-discoloration, isolate too strong light, so it is often used in all walks of life to meet different needs. Next, see why colored glass has color, and what role colored glass can play to enhance understanding.

1.Why Colored Glass Has Colors


Colored glass is made of ordinary glass by adding colorant. The amount of coloring dose, melting time and melting temperature will affect the depth of firing color in varying degrees. Colloidal colorants, such as gold, silver, copper, selenium and sulfur, are used to suspend very small particles in the glass and make the glass colored. In the process of firing, no matter which colorant is added, flux is added.

Colored glass is a solid sol. Solid sol refers to the sol formed by using solid as dispersant.

2.What role can colored glass play?


Colored glass is a special kind of glass, also known as endothermic glass, which can usually block about 50% of the solar radiation. For example, 6 mm thick blue glass can only penetrate 50% of the solar radiation, while brown and bronze endothermic glass can only penetrate 25% of the solar radiation.

Therefore, endothermic glass is suitable for building doors, windows and exterior walls in hot areas where both lighting and heat insulation are needed. In this way, it can not only play the role of heat insulation and dazzling protection, but also create a beautiful cool atmosphere. However, the sunshine which can sterilize, disinfect and deodorize the buildings in urban residential areas is blocked by these colored endothermic glass. Half, it really pays off.

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