Why is glass transparent?

2021-01-09 10:25:41

Glass, unlike metal, has free electrons, which are less likely to block and reflect photons. That's why glass is transparent. Toughened glass manufacturers small braid with you to understand that light is a kind of electromagnetic wave, the wavelength is between 390 nm to 750 nm electromagnetic wave. Generally speaking, transparency is not transparent.


It's all limited to this band. In reality, what you see transparently is not necessarily transparently to the electromagnetic wave in this band, and vice versa. For example, X-ray is a wave length light that can be penetrated by human body. Most materials are transparent to X-ray.


Glass is not transparent, for example, for some infrared and purple light, glass is opaque, because those light glass can absorb. Another example is silicon. The semiconductor silicon wafer is dark. It can be seen that light will be absorbed. However, the silicon is transparent to most of the infrared rays and can replace the glass.


Glass is used in different fields. For example, anti radiation optical glass is intended to absorb or gather radiation photons such as X-rays and gamma rays. Therefore, heavy metal elements (such as lead and bismuth elements) are generally present in the glass base amount, and then reach the anti radiation target.


Ordinary optical glass is composed of silica and other chemical compounds (key consumer materials are heteroalkali, limestone and quartz). When they are melted, they form a continuous Internet layout. However, the viscosity gradually increases and hardens after heat treatment. Because the glass adopts rapid heat and gets it, so it retains its layout in the liquid state, with short to medium range ordered and small range disordered form, which is the same as each other. Therefore, on the micro level, glass is solid, but on the micro level, it is liquid.

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