Why to choose laminated safety glass for decoration?

2020-05-07 16:58:47

More and more people use glass building materials in decoration to increase the room's transparency and lighting rate, but on the other hand, it brings many unsafe factors, and the phenomenon of glass injury and burglary increases. However, with the emergence of high-tech products - Laminated glass, fashion and safety can be considered at the same time. Laminated glass is a PVB intermediate film with polyvinyl butyral as the main component sandwiched between two pieces of glass. Laminated glass has many advantages. It is elastic, resistant to impact, anti-theft, bulletproof with proper combination, and can be sound proof, heat insulation, light control, UV blocking.


Used in home decoration will have unexpected good effect. Many family doors, including kitchen doors, are made of frosted glass. Cooking kitchen fumes are easy to accumulate on it, if you use laminated glass instead, there will be no such trouble. Similarly, the large area of glass space in the home is a potential safety hazard for children who are naturally active. If laminated glass is used, parents can be greatly relieved.


The laminated glass may break under the impact of heavy ball, but the whole glass still remains integrated, and the broken pieces and sharp small pieces still stick to the intermediate film. Toughened glass needs a large impact force to break. Once broken, the whole glass bursts into numerous fine particles, and only a few broken glass are left in the frame. The ordinary glass will be broken as soon as it is hit. In the typical broken situation, many long and sharp pieces of wire glass will be produced. When the glass is broken, the mirror tooth shaped pieces surround the hole, and there are many glass pieces around the penetration point. The length of the wire is different.


Laminated glass also has the function of filtering ultraviolet rays, which can effectively protect people's skin from sunburn, and can also avoid the valuable furniture items in the home from sunburn and fading.

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