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Arctic Glacial Cap Glass Texture

Glass Texture-Ice&Texture-Ice on Glass
Glacial cap pattern glass is form by a special technique, the method creats a 1.jpgrandom permanent narural texture,it’s look like range of embacle, the result of diffuse light shine seem to crystal which are beautiful textured,The patterned glass simulates texture of arctic ice cap,Some area appear incredible depth and beautify to your home,the textured glass provide high level of privacy,without lose any natural light,it’s great used for partition, background,door,and is especially beautiful make tinted laminated glass with two pieces of glacial cap glass.
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Clear float,extra clear,color glass
Color of laminated glass:blue,green.amber,white,red and pink etc
Size:1220x1830mm,1650x2200mm,1830x2440mm,customer size are available
Delivery time:21days
Packing:ply-wooden case, paper interleaving
Tempered ? :yes
Laminated ? :yes
Cut?: Yes