What are the advantages of colored glass?

2022-08-25 14:49:48

What are the advantages of colored glass?

1. Beautiful decoration: because the firing process of colored glass is different, the added ingredients and post-processing are also different, so the texture and texture of many colored glasses are different. The special effect of vitality produced by light transmission is the most charming place of colored glass.

2. Easy to clean: colored glass has extremely high abrasion resistance, and the special manufacturing process also determines that colored glass is easy to clean. The longer the time, the more stable and mature the temperament. For routine maintenance, you only need to use the special colored glass cleaning wax every year and wipe it with a rag to restore the new charm. It is extremely convenient to clean.

3. No fading: the original pieces of colored glass are melted at a high temperature of more than 1800 degrees and annealed to form colored glass. It is different from other ordinary colored glaze colored glass, coated colored glass and laminated colored glass in the market. All the colors seen on the surface are fired by adding special pigments in the production process, and are not processed on the surface of the glass the day after tomorrow or continued reprocessing.
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4. Safety function: compared with ordinary white glass, colored glass is undoubtedly the most shining scenery. Even if the white glass is decorated with colored glass, it can improve people's sight to the greatest extent. It can also serve as a good partition and warning in public places.

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