Textured Glass

Textured glass also called pattern glass, textures is created by running a ribbon of 1.jpgmolten glass between two engraved steel roller, impressing it with the nature-inspired continuous design.HH   range of pattern glass offer just the right transmittance, the degree of obscure depends on the textures, it suitable for areas requiring translucency for privacy and control light,this kind of cast glass allows same light transmission as clear glass without lose any natural light, it use durability era than other glass panels, easy cleaning, resistance of scratch and fingerprint.textures glass offer a wealth of opportunities to architects and interior designer, application in furniture, door, partitions, cathedral glass, cupbroad, shower room, cabinet and a range of decorative applications.accept client requirement pattern bulk produce.

Creat Various level of privacy
variety of building's textures appearance.
Soften sun light, so as adjust space of room.
Maintenance friendly

Processing options:
Clean Cut and drilled,
laminated(pattern glass+pvb film+clear window glass),
Acid etched