Intelligent Atomized Glass Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications

2022-09-26 11:29:31

                                                            Intelligent Atomized Glass Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications

The application of intelligent atomized glass in home, office area, public area, shop window, publicity area and other fields has been recognized by people, but everything has advantages and disadvantages. What are the advantages and disadvantages of intelligent atomized glass? Understanding these can make us better choose intelligent atomized glass
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Advantages of intelligent atomized glass
The advantages of intelligent atomized glass are related to its characteristics, because the light regulating glass inside the adjustable glass can control the transparency or atomization of the glass, so that it can have both openness and confidentiality in the same field. With this feature, intelligent atomized glass is also a kind of safety glass, which has the advantages of safety glass. When it is hit by a crack, it can prevent glass fragments from splashing, Good fighting ability; The intelligent atomized glass can control whether the glass is transparent, and it also plays a protective role in blocking the direct ultraviolet and infrared radiation, protecting the home or personnel from diseases caused by direct ultraviolet radiation, and the aging of furniture caused by direct ultraviolet radiation; The intelligent atomized glass belongs to the laminated structure. The middle dimming film and film have the function of blocking the sound, playing a part of the sound insulation effect

Advantages and disadvantages of intelligent atomized glass
Intelligent atomized glass has many advantages, so the price of intelligent atomized glass is slightly higher. At the same time, it also needs some auxiliary tools. This also affects the cost. The disadvantages of intelligent atomized glass are related to its difference from ordinary glass. Compared with the laminated structure, the intelligent atomized glass mentioned above must be heavier than ordinary glass of the same specification, It is troublesome when installing and debugging, which is also a factor that affects the selection of intelligent atomized glass by most people. However, the effect after installing intelligent dimming glass is also not brought by ordinary glass. After selecting atomized glass, we can be sure that we will not regret it.

Application of intelligent atomized glass
Intelligent atomized glass is used as doors and windows: whether the doors and windows are transparent can be controlled by remote control or automatic control. When the sun is strong, control the atomization to make the light soft. The whole room area is comfortable and beautiful without losing the light transmission effect, which can avoid removing the position used by the curtains

The intelligent atomized glass is used as a projection curtain wall: it can display the decorative pictures of the background in a transparent state, or it can be used as a glass wall in a conference room. In an opaque state, it can replace the curtain. Instead of installing a curtain device on the glass wall, it can be directly set with one key, and the picture is clear.

The use of intelligent atomized glass on the display cabinet: with bulletproof glass, the display is transparent when using it. When encountering the threat of robbery, it can be controlled directly and atomized instantaneously. The criminals lose the target of coercion, so as to protect the safety of people's life and property to the greatest extent

Intelligent atomized glass is used in the bathroom and bathroom: according to the user's needs, the transparency is changed to protect privacy, and at the same time, the space can have a better visual impact

Use of intelligent atomized glass in office partition: it can instantly provide the secret function of the meeting and improve the overall image of the company

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