Why does the laminated glass age? How to use it?

2020-06-03 13:55:05

Laminated glass is relatively safe, crushing will not cause harm to us, which is the cause of aging laminated glass. Toughened glass manufacturers introduced the aging reason of laminated glass.


1. Hot expansion and cold contraction. Among all kinds of environmental factors of laminated glass, the change of temperature is an important aspect. Under the influence of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage, the structure of laminated glass has changed, and there will be long time gaps or bubbles on the glass, which shortens the service life of the glass.


2.Resettlement environment. If the toughened laminated glass is installed in the open air, without proper protective measures, the glass will be affected by ultraviolet and other factors for a long time, resulting in the decrease of the strength of the glass, thus accelerating the aging of the laminated glass.


3. Toughened laminated glass shall be packed in containers, pallets or wooden cases. Each piece of glass shall be packed with plastic or paper, and the glass and packing box shall be filled with light and soft materials which are not easy to cause glass scratch and other appearance defects. Each packing box shall be marked with the words "upward, light lifting, vertical, careful breaking, glass thickness, grade", etc.


4.Toughened laminated glass can be transported by various vehicles. During transportation, the wooden case shall not be placed horizontally or obliquely, the length direction shall be consistent with the driving direction of the transport vehicle, and rainproof measures shall be taken. When handling glass, temporarily unused toughened laminated glass shall be stored vertically in a dry and ventilated room.


5. Toughened laminated glass is a kind of glass product with internal stress. After forming, cutting, drilling and edge sealing are not allowed, otherwise, the edge of toughened laminated glass will explode and stress concentration will be caused, which should be well protected. Do not use sharp and hard objects to hit the edge of the glass, otherwise it is easy to break the glass.


6. Before installation of toughened laminated glass, avoid high temperature, high humidity and rain. The glass on the construction site shall be stored in a ventilated and dry place. In case of sudden weather change or heavy rain, the construction personnel shall check the site in time to prevent water seepage and discoloration of glass edge caused by immersion of glass packing box.


7.When installing the underwater glass, the waterproof and leakage performance of the whole system must be ensured. First, the part in contact with water must be made of waterproof material. Secondly, the gap between the glass and the metal frame must be completely filled with polysulfide rubber or silicone rubber with good sealing performance. The installation design and construction operation shall meet the requirements of the national compulsory industry standard technical code for application of building glass jgj113-97.