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Energy saving glass curtain wall, as a peculiar planning in contemporary construction, not only embodies the best combination of architectural and aesthetic layout planning, but also fully embodies v…
Everyone likes to raise fish at home, and having an ecological fish tank at home adds a lot of agility to the family.
Energy-saving and environmental protection, people's home happy; trillion market, looking forward to the first win enterprises; the government's new policy, reproduce the bright moon.
When the public debate over the safety of glass curtain wall gradually subsided, the industry has not stopped discussing the safety and energy-saving performance of glass curtain wall.
The glass door of the shower room is very clean from a distance, but dirty from a close look. What's more troubling is that no matter how you scrub it, it's not clean. Even if you use detergent, it's…
If infrared heating technology is applied to tempered glass production, the heat transfer mode will be mainly radiation.
The price of energy-saving glass is probably a factor of low utilization rate of energy-saving glass. The price of LOW-E glass is 3-4 times higher than that of normal glass.
Self-explosion of tempered glass refers to the phenomenon of automatic explosion of tempered glass without direct mechanical external force.
When toughened glass is broken, the whole piece of glass is broken into small particles, which will not cause serious harm to human body when touching broken glass or falling from high-rise buildings.
LED wall lamp is sealed with toughened glass and silicone rubber
Electrolytic liquid crystal nebulized glass, which is made by gluing the electro-control film between two pieces of glass by dry process.
Do you know what kinds of flat glass are in electrified glass? What little knowledge should we know about electrified glass?
Power-on atomized glass, also known as intelligent dimming glass: It is a new type of special photoelectric glass product, which solidifies liquid crystal film between two pieces of glass and forms g…
Dimming glass is a new type of special photoelectric glass, also known as electro-optic glass, electrified dimming glass, electrified transparent glass, electronically controlled atomized glass​, i…
Many commercial buildings originally wanted to appreciate high-rise sightseeing through transparent glass, but found that glass in the use process, can not avoid broken into spider-web-like rupture, …
it has its application everywhere in our daily life. For example, the boards laid in the tree pits on both sides of the road, the gray boards on the surface of the waterways of the square, the walkwa…
With the development of economy, the grille is also widely used in our daily life. Here we will introduce the advantages of FRP grille.
There are many kinds of glass, besides the common float glass and toughened glass, there are also hot melt glass, glue glass, frosted glass and other kinds with special properties.
Glass has good perspective, light transmission performance, high chemical stability, and can be processed according to different methods to obtain strong mechanical strength and thermal insulation ef…
Large pieces of coloured glass used in buildings can be manufactured by flat glass production process, or coloured glass can be "matched" with colorless glass or other coloured glass.
Glass is a widely used inorganic non-metallic material with a wide range of applications. It can be used in architecture, daily use, art, instrumentation and other fields, and has a very rich variety.
Float glass was introduced into Royal Float Glass Production Line by Luoyang Glass Factory in late 1970s.
Everyone has his own favorite color. Sometimes color can affect people's mood, and even affect people's psychological changes.